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C-Fam was founded in the summer of 1997 in order to monitor and affect the social policy debate at the United Nations and other international institutions.


October 18, 2019
Dear Roy-Charles:
Item: The UN is blocking pro-life groups from attending a major conference.
Item: The U.S. has introduced sexual orientation and gender identity into a UN document.
Item: UN is about to consider a new treaty that will promote gender ideology.
I cannot tell you how busy, stressed, stretch to the max my UN staff is in these waning days to the UN General Assembly.
They are sleepless in New York because crises are coming at them fast and furious.
And we desperately need your help because we are also facing a severe financial crisis, a crisis that comes at precisely the wrong time.
If the UN succeeds in keeping pro-lifers out of the Nairobi Summit, I shudder to think what may happen.
It is depressing that the U.S. has introduced language in support of gender madness into a UN document.
We cannot allow the new treaty on crimes against humanity to include gender madness, a thousand protected genders, that gender is a social construct.
This is what little C-Fam is up against. And then comes a massive let down in our fall fundraising, putting in danger all our efforts on these vital battles.
We are right now $40,000 down from where we were last year. By the end of the year, our deficit could be crippling. Whenever I come to our best supporters, you come through. Well, NOW IS THE TIME.
Stop what you are doing right now and pray that this deficit is closed and that we can fight these three battles (and even more if truth be told). And then click on the donate button and chip into our effort.
Can you afford a year-end gift of $1,000? I know most of you cannot. But, can you afford $500? How about $100?
It is urgent in the face of these battles that we close this budget shortfall. And do it now.
Pray right now and give a sacrificial gift so we can win these important fights.
Yours in Christ,
Austin Ruse
PS Please pray by name for Lisa, Susan, Stefano, Rebecca, and me.
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Multi-million-dollar pledges already made; Crown of Thorns and Blessed Sacrament rescued by priest

Source: Fundraising Begins to Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral

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Cardinal Raymond Burke and Steve Bannon partner on founding school in Italy

Source: Bannon-Funded Think Tank Takes on Massive Project

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I would hereby like to make an appeal to help a TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC PRIEST, who is facing bankruptcy and foreclosure on his home.

For the last two years, I have come to know Father Christopher Ray Angel on Facebook and via private message. Not realizing that he and his parents were on the poverty line, I merely celebrated his generosity with my verbal gratitude and good works whenever he selflessly and regularly gave me whatever little extra money he had to go help the poor. We took his money directly, through my organization, added it to the donations, all of which went toward helping the homeless and the needy. I did not know until a few days ago that things had gotten so bad for him. A good priest of God, he needs our help.

Firstly, I learned that only two months ago, his bishop, the great Patrick Taylor, had passed away.

Bishop Taylor, as knowledgeable Trads and Sedes agree, had, as an independent bishop, the most “quantitative” and most valid lines of consecration—from both Thuc and Costa. That the two lines convalidated one another also gave him a unique episcopal distinction in that the Vatican II church and its popes have authenticated and fully recognize the validity his Apostolic Succession.

A humble man with a profound love of Catholicism, Bishop Taylor did not exploit the ironic advantage of epikeia, that suited many other eager colleagues of his, those mercurial mitred mavericks who wanted to declare emergency jurisdictions, get lofty donations, build parishes and schools, and did. Instead, as the superior general of the Society of the Virgin Mary, he ordained an order of highly educated strong priests whom he taught to offer the Latin Liturgy in private homes, schools, and already-established Traditional and Sedevacantist Catholic Churches. Choosing men who had already had substantial educations in seminaries, he based his episcopate from his own house in Berkeley, West Virginia, that doubled as a modest cathedral. His new priests, who had come to this sensitive shepherd seeking a sounder ordination and cultivation in a Liturgy that was flawlessly authentic, obliged their superior’s condition that their priestly ministries must be underwritten with their commitment to holding down secular jobs that paid their way in life.

We come upon the case of one of Bishop Taylor’s dearest priests, Father Christopher Ray Angel. Fulfilling his priestly role has been his lifelong aim, but the bills that he has amassed during recent years of being his ailing parents’ caretaker, of paying his own bills, and of spending long hours traveling to and from his faraway church appointment (when he could otherwise have been spending that time in increased hours at his day job at a supermarket), have cut out for him a condition of unfairness that has brought him to my attention. He is on the verge of bankruptcy. Let me stop here and ask you all a question?

During all our outrages about the crisis, filth and illegitimacy over the institutional Roman Catholic Church, how many of us have ever put our own lives on the line for God like this, if not for the Mystical Body herself? We complain. We blog. Some of us even taunt each other. Who among us, except for our bellyaching—- except for a handful, ever gives and gives, until it actually hurts?

This is why I am commending Father Christopher Ray Angel to all of you as a man who deserves to have his life protected so that he can carry on with his priesthood, without interruption, catastrophe, or upheaval.

Please go to the address at the bottom of this message and send him a check. Whatever you can spare, along with a note of encouragement. Have I told you that he also very recently lost both of his parents?

Christopher Ray Angel was born in Santa Ana, California in 1972. He was raised a Baptist. Around the age of 15, he started having doubts as to whether or not the Protestant versions of salvation were legitimate. Eventually this lead to his conversion on February 22, 1986. But, now a young Dominican tertiary, Chris still had doubts about the post-Vatican 2 church, so he started digging further into the traditional teaching of the Church.

By 1989 the discerning young O.P. watchdog left the Novus Ordo and started seminary training to become a priest. However, seeing that there were no traditional seminaries left by the ecumenism-engorged false-modesty-posturing JP2 years, he enrolled in what he hoped was a conservative seminary, at the Catholic University of America.

As he proceeded with his education, word got around of his “inconvenient” traditionalism. After winning heated ad-hoc disputations with his elders and peers at CUA, his disqualification from his Novus Ordo ordination which was a blessing in disguise. He made an agreement with the school administration to finish the degree work but not to seek ordination in the Novus Ordo.

Just as he finally finished his degree, he ended up putting his vocation on the back burner to care for his elderly parents. Their house became condemned and they were suddenly carrying a mortgage on the replacement house—because their insurance carrier did not give them enough money to replace their loss. Then Chris lost his father, Larry, in 2015, and stayed at home providing round-the-clock care to his mother, coughing up $995 every month to pay the mortgage.

Still feeling his youth enough to fight off his broken heart and his dreams, he decided to meet up with Bishop Taylor, that kindly “independent” Catholic southern-gentleman bishop whom he had heard was living a quiet ministerial life running a humble and valid episcopacy in West Virginia.

He explained to his genteel future superior his entire situation. The older man said that he would ordain his young visitor but only after intensive additional study. The late Bishop Fidelis McKenna and Reverand Father Gommar Depauw helped him to understand the rubrics and he was a server to various traditional priests over the years. Although she did not live long enough to see her son get ordained, his mother, Sandra, did receive baptism from her son, on her deathbed, and passed away in February, 2017.

Four months later, Chris was ordained in the traditional Latin rite of Pius V in June of 2017. He was now a Traditional Roman Catholic Priest offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to the Missale Romanum of Pope Saint Paul V. Working as the Front Line Supervisor at the Kroger Supermarket Corporation, he was also 100-percent self-supporting, with health insurance and place to live.

Besides giving my fledgling traditional Catholic charity $50 or $25 every few months so that we could better help the poor, he formed an example of selflessness and good works that made him a ministry unto himself. He told me that Bishop Taylor taught him, “We help the poor regardless of where they came from. That way we lead by example.”

In October, 2018, he started to fill in at Our Lady of Good Remedy Chapel in Lizton, Indiana, after the death of Bishop Paul Petko. He drove 650 miles every week and was paid a $300 weekly stipend to cover gas and tolls. He remained there until January, 2019, when they announced that a full time priest was going to replace him.

The money leftover from the stipend was crucial to him, to help him pay his bills. He could have used the four days of driving and ministry work across state lines to earn more money near his home. But he was called into Eucharistic service and could not say “no.” He is, resultantly, on the verge of destitution.

This is a priest who has served you and me, extending himself because of our thirst for the real presence! He never asked us for anything. But I am hoping my writing here will inspire us all to help him.

Did any of us know that we did not know where he had driven from, and just how many miles he clocked, mostly at his own expense? He had nothing left to live on after paying his parents’ mortgage and the gas and the tolls and the wear and tear on his vehicle, except for a few dollars.

There was now no diocese. No institutional order of fathers. No convention. All these things that Novus Ordo priests expect with their hands outstretched, and receive, along with free gas cards, and pro-bono casseroles unveiled to them from breathy moms in yoga pants. He doesn’t and never will expect these things. This is the commitment promised to us all by the man that Sandra, Larry, God, and Bishop Taylor, built!

Traditional Catholicism and Sedevacantism finally has its culture—that very thing that the Mystical Body of Christ has long been deprived during this 60-year-old drought, right here, in this priest and in men and in bishops like him!

Look around you and witness how they are extending themselves for us. Not merely the collared men who clutch at the pantaloons of the mercurial reverends and bishops who pour a drink of Apostolic kool-aid, build a rectory or a school someplace, and commit the same acts of barbarism and perversity from which we have all been fleeing.

Open your eyes and ears. Their bishops have valid lines. They are real men with honest problems like ours. No time for family. Their career is “the Eucharist,” for which you and I hunger.

Why should our urgent call to God to create more servants like Fr. Angel be consolidated into a beaten-down expectation that American life can never reconcile itself to allowing orthodoxy to grow abundantly and unfettered by usury, the profane, and the sordid?

Fr. Christopher Ray Angel is close to having to file bankruptcy and is on the verge of losing everything. To get by he would need $1,000 per month (after he has paid every thing including his car and his mortgage). He barely made it through January. Whatever you can give will help him immensely.

Forward this story to a bishop you know, recommending him for an appointment, and donations.

Doesn’t matter what side he is on as a Traditional Priest help him with what he needs.

Send checks to the following address.

Fr. Christopher Angel
5747 Ohio River Road
Huntington, West Virginia 25702

His e-mail address is :


His PayPal address is:


Thank you.

God bless you.

Mike DellaVecchia, C.P.O., M.F.A.
Catholic Philadelphia Outreach

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angelic_christmas_crusade.pngAngelic Christmas crusade has been helping homeless men, women, and children in the downtown Dallas area have a memorable holiday since Christmas Eve 1997.  Originally known as the “Homey Syndicate”, a reference to the “homey atmosphere” being provided to 13 homeless souls at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas, Tx, the organization was started by Mark Pfeifer. Since 2008 they have been providing homeless individuals with a Free Golden Corral Buffet, a tour of Christmas Lights and a Christmas eve church service at the Cathedral of Guadalupe in downtown Dallas.

Since inception, Angelic Christmas Crusade has helped an average of 125 individuals yearly, mostly funded by Mark Pfeifer himself.

The inspiration for this program emerged in 1994 after Mark Pfeifer, the organizer of these events, found himself seriously ill for more than 9 months.  His battle with illness forced him to reflect on his life and what he was doing for his fellow human. At that time, he made a promise to G-d that, should he ever be healed, he would find a way to do honorable charitable work to help others.

Within a week of his promise and prayer, he found himself healed and it would be another 20 years before he needed to visit a doctor again. After what Mark considers a divine healing, he would not forget the promise he made, and, after some research he started this charitable cause.

The organization initially worked with local hotels and paid discounted prices for vacant rooms on Christmas Eve in order to house local homeless families and provide them with a Christmas they would never forget.

Unfortunately because of financial hardships, the Homey Syndicate was unable to continue offering the hotel experience. Another organization that was at the time better funded took over the rooming aspect.

Rather than bring Mark Pfeifer’s program to a halt, out of this difficult time, the Angelic Christmas Crusade was born.   While one organization provides lodging, Angelic Christmas Crusade provides a buffet meal at Golden Corral, a Christmas lights tour, and the church service that all come together to help these individuals who might otherwise feel hopeless, have the most magical holiday experience possible.

Angelic Christmas Crusade receives a discounted price of $10 per person at the Golden Corral restaurant buffet. Your donation will help Angelic Christmas Crusade continue to provide the meals, memories, and Christmas mass to all these struggling souls.

Please help make a Dallas homeless person’s Christmas Miracle come true.

Donate Here:  https://fundingmorality.com/project/view/angelic-christmas-crusade.html

If you would like to know more about Funding Morality see here:  https://fundingmorality.com/page.php?id=who-we-are

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Fr. Jeff Windy, a known and respected priest in Ottawa, Illinois has been accused of suffering a “grave lapse in pastoral judgment” by involving himself in a criminal case on behalf of a young drug-addicted parishioner who is the single mom of 2 children. She robbed the purse of an elderly woman and used the woman’s stolen card to fuel her drug addiction.  A Preliminary Investigation by the Catholic Diocese of Peoria was opened in Feb. 2018 to see if sufficient evidence existed to determine whether he used bad judgment. Father Jeff has been forced to hire a canonical advocate and a civil attorney to seek full reinstatement to his active priestly ministry. We are asking for help for him to pay his legal fees.

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Collection Plate For Restricted Use Only or Not at All

Shield your donations from being used to cover up child sexual abuse and diocesan lawyers’ fees

Source: A Call to Arms: Only Donate With ‘Restricted Purpose,’ or Not at All

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