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Premiered: Jan 21, 2020

This address was given by LifeSiteNews’ editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen at the Acies ordinata prayer and protest event in Munich, Germany on January 18, 2020. Read about event here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cat…
Your Eminence, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, with respect and love for your office as a bishop and cardinal, as a pastor called to feed the flock of Christ, it is with great sorrow that I must now speak very strongly to you. I do this as a father of young children, as a member of the lay faithful whose love and concern for his own children and those of others does not allow me to keep silent. On too many occasions recently we have lacked the charity and courage necessary to speak challenging words to our pastors, so that worse evils might be avoided. And so I say….
Cardinal Marx, in the words of St. Paul, you have blood on your hands.
Read full address at LifeSiteNews: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pro…

BLOGGERS NOTE:  Repent and believe………………………………………………………………………………..


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Sociologists contributed to the emasculation of Western men

Source: ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ and the Attack on Catholic Masculinity

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Socialism Is Evil

And here it comes.

Source: Socialism Is Evil

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Contraception is evil. It leads to abortion.

Source: It All Hinges on the Pill

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“Your thoughts on this.

Fr. Gerald Murray – Well, Raymond, what you said earlier is now extending to a third topic, with divorce and remarriage, contraception and now homosexual activity. He wants us to bless sodomy. He wants the Catholic Church to say to two people who are sodomizing each other, you’re doing something that is pleasing in the sight of God and we want God to bless, we want God to favor this type of activity. This is quite simply a statement of fact – this is a total rejection of Catholic doctrine on the immorality of homosexual activity. For this Bishop to say that is a major scandal. He should repent of it and turn away from it, because he is leading people into sin.

I do work with Courage from time to time, which is the apostolate that helps Catholics with same-sex attraction live virtuous lives. When they wake up and turn on their computer in the morning and read this kind of news – its an insult to them. Its an insult to them, to say: oh, yeah look, the bad behavior that we told you to stop, well, it’s pretty good according to the German Bishop. Ordinary people should not be subjected to bishops contradicting Catholic teaching. This is, if I seem angry because I am, this is infuriating. A shepherd is sent out to lead the sheep to the pure water of Catholic truth. And this man is saying immoral activity should be blessed. He needs to repent of that teaching.

On a personal note – What Fr. Murray so explicitly and honestly expressed here is the truth. Its uncomfortable and unpleasant for some to hear, but it must be said…by someone.”

FULL ARTICLE: http://josephsciambra.com/gerald-murray-vs-james-martin-one-man-offers-hope-and-truth-to-those-with-same-sex-attraction-and-the-other-an-evil-church/

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Prayers for Father Martin that our Lord will eventually have Father understand someday. Amen.

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Published on Nov 22, 2017

Christ is King: He has supreme power and His laws bind all, even those who do not wish to follow Him. He is King both by natural right and by acquired right. Yet the evil of secular government is rooted in its seeking to separate itself from Christ’s Kingship. The Church has infallibly condemned the errors of separation of Church and state and of religious liberty. (Note, both of these are principles upon which our nation was founded.) A separation of Church and State attempts to set limits on Christ’s reign. If no religion reigns supreme, then the State is above all religions and is in fact the supreme authority, even above Christ. The error that man should be free in determining which religion to follow is the same evil as man thinking he can determine right from wrong; this is the primeval offer (temptation) of the devil. Let us pray for our nation, that one day it will be freed of the enslavement that comes from these errors. For more please visit http://svfonline.org/ & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priests.


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Source: Satan’s Defeat

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The Satanic Temple tests limits of Establishment Clause to promote Satanism, abortion

Source: Satanists Suing Over Abortion Wait-Period in Missouri, Going After Christian Bakers

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2017-06-18-mv.jpgA burning hatred exists between the two

Source: Our Lady and the Serpent

Our Lady’s power over the diabolical foe is unmatched.

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