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ON OCTOBER 13, 1884, Leo XIII had a terrible vision of the assault of the powers of Hell against Holy Mother Church, and ordered the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to be said at the end of Mass. He also composed an Act of Exorcism and ordered it to be inserted into the Roman Ritual, and explicitly mentioned what he had seen: “The Church, the Spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, has been filled with bitterness and inebriated with poison by her crafty enemies, who have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the place where the See of Holy Peter and the Chair of Truth has been set up as the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.” …….Continued below at the Remnant Newspaper: 

Source Article:  https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/4844-archbishop-vigano-asks-bishops-and-priests-to-recite-an-exorcism-on-holy-saturday

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Lampert: ‘The devil cannot be used by persons for their own benefit. The devil uses them.’

Source: Interview With an Exorcist: Fr. Vincent Lampert

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I learned of a recent case of highly instructive diabolical possession for the confirmations of faith given to the exorcist by the devil during the prayers of liberation; confirmations taken from the exorcist after repeated orders in the name of God, of the Madonna and of the Most Holy Trinity. The devil, in fact, resists as much as possible the questions that exorcists pose to him for the good of the soul possessed or of souls in general because the truth (especially if confirming the Word of God) is always counterproductive for him and often responds in monosyllables when the truths are “scorching” for him. The Lord of the universe, to whom the demons are subdued, sometimes also uses the prince of lies to enlighten humanity.
A girl, after about ten years of strange phenomena that have affected her and her mother, she turned, thanks to some prayers, to an acquaintance who led her by an exorcist.
The following is the story of the story; the names of the characters have been changed for obvious reasons of protection of privacy.
Attilia confided to the exorcist that, since her father had abandoned her and her mother to leave with her best friend, their life suddenly changed. Both began to come and go from hospitals to diseases that the doctors themselves could not understand. Such shelters were often accompanied by phenomena so strange that even a roommate of Attilia began to pray insistently the Ave Maria as disturbed by the episodes that struck Attilia (lifts that got spoiled when they had to transport her to the operating room, operations that caused further operating interventions, breaking machines, etc.). The poor women also received from the spouse who had abandoned them letters full of hatred and curses that added to the physical pain also the moral.
Saturday, February 12, 2000 – first exorcism
Together with the exorcist there were also some trusted people of proven faith and prayer to help him in the task of driving out demons.
The exorcism began with the prayer of the Holy Rosary of the community for the protection of those present, their families and the liberation of Attilia and the mother (absent as an elderly and sick). At the third decade Attilia began to feel a sense of suffocation and not to remember the prayers of the Rosary. At the end of the oration, those present invoked the Holy Spirit with a song and sang in tongues. Attilia began to take on a different and suffering aspect (in the end he confided to those present that the prayer in tongues made her sick).
During the prayer of Leo XIII recited by the exorcist, Arturo sprayed the face of Attilia with water from Lourdes, while the other participants recited the Holy Rosary in a low voice.
The exorcist began to interrupt the recital of the exorcism of Leo XIII and the psalms with questions, imposing his hands on Attilia and ungendola, with signs of the cross on his forehead, with blessed oil.
Exorcist: “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to say how many you are”.
Attilia began to swallow and to move the lip like a camel, while inside the mouth, near the gums, one could see the inexplicable black substance that looked like ink. But he did not answer.
Exorcist: “How many are you? I order you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity? Point with your hand how many are you? ”
Attilia, after about fifteen minutes of reading of psalms, interspersed with orders given in the name of God, painfully pointed with his fingers that there were three presences inside.
Exorcist: “Are you damned souls or fallen angels?”
“I do not tell you!”, Answered Attilia, taking on a sardonic attitude and crossing his arms in challenge.
In the end, after repeated invitations in the name of God, of Most Holy Mary and of the Most Holy Trinity, the damned soul said that he had been, when he was alive, a pirate. He claimed to have been killed, and to have uttered a cry of terror when he ended up in hell.
Exorcist: “How many people go to hell? Answer in the name of the Holy Spirit of truth! ”
” So many! “Answered the pirate.
“What is the main sin that brings people to hell today?” Urged the exorcist.
“Lust! And atheism! “, Replied the damned soul now clearly manifested.
The damned soul snorted continuously and showed obvious suffering when Arturo, at the invitation of the exorcist, sprayed the face of Attilia with water from Lourdes, trying to take it off.
“Who wanted Attilia to come to us?” The exorcist asked him.
“Jesus!”, Replied the devil after repeated invitations and sprayed on the face of water of Lourdes.
“Are you praying Attilia and her mother?” The exorcist continued.
“Yes!” Said the pirate.
“What must they do to keep you away?”
“It is necessary that they pray the rosary!”
“Is it true that you can not do anything against those who pray the whole Rosary devoutly and daily?” The exorcist continued undaunted.
“It’s true!” Confirmed the damned soul.
“Why did Our Lady cry in Civitavecchia in the hands of a bishop?”
“Because there is no more religion in the world!”
“What needs to be done to get out of this situation?”, Asked the exorcist.
“It is necessary to pray. Above all in the family. Watch less television and pray more. Above all the Rosary “, replied the devil.
“Is it true that many television programs are yours? Answer in the name of Jesus Christ! ”
” It’s true! “The devil answered with a sardonic smile.
Attilia, continuing to snort, stretched his legs and gave some rhythmic strokes with his foot.
“Why in Europe is there a massive Muslim immigration?”
“Because some politicians favor it to destroy Catholic values,” replied the devil.
“Are there any priests belonging to you? What militants in the sect of the Beast? Answer in the name of God !! “.
“Yup. Many! “, Replied pleased the damned soul assuming an inexplicable appearance of the face, impossible to reproduce naturally. Evidently it was the face of the damned soul that now manifested itself more and more clearly.
“How’s hell ?! Is this how Our Lady showed her at Fatima? “, The exorcist continued.
“Then, those who propagate an idea of a soft inferno belong to you; not in harmony with what was written in the Bible and shown by Our Lady? Answer in the name of the Mother of Truth! ”
” Yes! ”
” Does chapter 12 of the apocalypse refer to the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima? ”
” Yes! ”
“And does the red dragon symbolize the prophesied heresy at Fatima? What is communism? Answer in the name of the Mother of Truth “.
“Is the Madonna here? Indicate! ”
The demon, through Attilia, marked the elevated position in which the Madonna was located and stated that he was giving him orders.
Pressed by the exorcist, he also showed the position, near the exorcist himself, in which St. Michael the Archangel was invoked during the prayers.
“Is it true that punishments are upon us?”
“It’s true,” Satan confirmed.
“What must we do to stop them?”
“Praying the Rosary”, the devil replied, after repeated splashes of water from Lourdes.
“Is it true that Our Lady will save all those who pray the whole Rosary with devotion?”
“It is true,” replied the devil indirectly confirming the promises linked to the daily recitation of the whole Rosary.
Then the exorcist began to pray Psalm 91 and at the point “… a thousand will fall by your side and ten thousand to your right; but nothing can strike you … “he said to the devil:” Confirm, unlike what some believe, that you can do nothing against those who dwell in the shadow of the Almighty: of those who, that is, devoutly go to Mass, pray to Him. , follow His commandments, invoke Him and rely on Him? ”
” Yes! “said the devil, nodding his head and showing that he was compelled by a higher will to confirm the eternal Word of God.
The exorcist then quoted the words of the Scriptures “… they fell into the pit before me …” and he commanded the damned soul to answer in the name of the Holy Spirit of truth: “It is true that if someone hatches an invoice to whom prayerfully prays, is he himself instead to fall into the pit dug in front of the bill recipient ?! “.
Also this time the pirate was forced to confirm in spite of himself.
“Has the antichrist already been born?”
“I will not answer you!”, The damned soul answered with a laugh.
“Our Lady affirmed this at La Salette. Confirm it in the name of God! ”
” Yes! ”
“When will you leave?”
“I do not leave!” The devil reacted arrogantly.
“Who are you?! To say I’m not leaving! You are nothing before the Omnipotence of God! Is it true? “The exorcist reproached him.
“It’s true, I’m a nothing!” Admitted the demon.
“So much so that Jesus with a look makes hell hell.”
“In the Apocalypse there is talk of a painful and malignant plague that will appear on men bearing the mark of the beast and bowing down before his statue. Is this a physical scourge? Answer in the name of God! “The exorcist questioned him.
“I do not tell you!” He replied grinning the damned soul.
“Instead you must say it because it is Sacred Scripture. Answer in the name of Mary Most Holy! ”
” Yes! ”
Attilia, at the end, pointed to the number 2 with her fingers and made it clear that it was months. He then declared that they had remained in two because a damned soul had fled. He also confirmed that they had entered Attilia for 10 years through the intervention of a magician.
After the exorcism, Attilia did not remember anything of what was said and was convinced that only a quarter of an hour had been spent instead of an hour and a half. He did not even remember having thrown the Bible to the ground, left a moment by the exorcist on the table.
Saturday, February 19, 2000 – according to exorcism,
Attilia returned from the exorcist for a further moment of prayer. He told how he had managed to confess and pray better. Many pains had disappeared, even if at the sight of her father there had been some disturbances. The mother instead of one of the participants had a strange increase in blood pressure during the day and Simone, who had accompanied Attilia from the exorcist with Mauro, had complained of a strong toothache. Signs of small diabolical reprisals, however, promptly neutralized by prayers. In fact, the Lord allows certain “disorders” to stimulate the members to a vigilant and constant prayer of protection (especially of the Rosary) without which the devil could exercise his nefarious power that only prayer neutralizes.
The exorcism began with the presence of the usual small group of prayer. He began with the recitation of the Holy Rosary aimed at the liberation of Attilia and his mother, the conversion of the father of Attilia and the protection of all those present from every revenge, retaliation and attack of the unclean spirits. The presence of Mary Most Holy, of St. Michael the Archangel, of the saints Archangels, of guardian angels and of many saints was also invoked.
During the recitation of the Rosary the exorcist imposed his hand on Attilia at a distance, which showed to be uncomfortable. At the end of the exorcism the girl confided to those present that at the moment of imposing the hands of the exorcist she had felt an invisible force pressing her shoulders to the point that she felt crushed. After singing to the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues, the exorcist laid her hand on her head and began to read the exorcism of Leo XIII. Attilia began to snort and invoke “… humiliated under the powerful hand of God …” he uttered fearful roars. The exorcist continued and invited Arturo to wet her face with the water of Lourdes. Attilia ceased to roar. Although the water from Lourdes was cold, when a few drops fell on the hand of the exorcist placed on the girl’s head, she felt warm. Arturo also confirmed this feeling when he dipped his fingers in it.
“Who are you in the name of Jesus Christ ?!” the exorcist questioned her.
The demon did not answer.
“Are you still the pirate? Answer in the name of the Immaculate and the Holy Spirit of truth! ”
Attilia nodded.
“Where have you been killed? In the Mediterranean Sea or in the ocean? Answer in the name of the Most Holy Trinity! ”
” In the ocean, “replied the pirate, but without showing the arrogance of the previous time.
“What nationality were you?”
“English and French,” said the devil after repeated invitations from the exorcist, explaining that he was the son of an Englishman and a Frenchman.
“I was important!” Added the damned soul with a sardonic smile of complacency.
“What do the faithful receive who devoutly pray to Our Lady in front of the grotto of Lourdes? Answer in the name of the Immaculate! “Commanded the exorcist, interleaving the reading of the prayers.
“Thanks,” replied the devil after repeated invitations from the exorcist who began to read Psalm 18, while the small group quietly prayed the Rosary.
“… I invoke the Lord, worthy of praise, and I will be saved from my enemies. Floods of death surrounded me, rushing torrents overwhelmed me; the laces of the underworld were already enveloping me, already gripping mortal ambushes. In my distress I invoked the Lord, in anguish I cried to my God: from his temple he listened to my voice, to his ear came my cry … .. “-” Do you like David? The author of this psalm? “.
The devil grimaced with disgust.
“Do you prefer, of course, certain public figures, men and women, who lead a life in contrast to the Word of God?”
The damned soul nodded firmly and smiled very pleased.
“When someone invokes God Almighty, as taught by David in the psalm; What is the Father of humanity? Answer in the name of Jesus! ”
” He intervenes, “answered the unclean spirit.
Unlike the previous time the demon denoted fatigue and no longer crossed his arms in an attitude of rebellion. An evident sign that the prayers made during the first exorcism, combined with a greater Attilia prayer effort, were making their effect.
During the reading of the psalm, the devil still showed aversion to the words of this inspired prayer.
“Is it true, as one possessed has affirmed, that a demoniac who prays in front of the grotto of Lourdes receives such an impulse as an exorcism concelebrated by a hundred thousand priests? Answer in the name of the Holy Spirit of truth! ”
” Not so many “replied the devil.
“How many then ?! Answer in the name of Jesus! ”
” Some “.
“Some or many?” Urged the exorcist.
“So many!” Admitted the devil, showing that he was forced by a superior force to rectify lies.
“What did Our Lady promise to those who will pray before the altar of the shrine of Our Lady of Rue de Bac? Answer in the name of the Immaculate! “.
“And then?! Answer for the blood of Christ! ”
” The gracesee “added the devil, showing signs of suffering and supernatural compulsion.
“What do pilgrims come to the pilgrimage where the Madonna appeared or left a sign of her presence? In those sanctuaries recognized by the Church? Answer only the truth! In the name of God! “.
After repeated invitations from the exorcist, motivated by the fact that the devil obviously did not want to confess the truths that were uncomfortable to him, the pirate said: “Thank you”.
“Always?” Urged the exorcist.
“Always!” He admitted, in spite of himself, the damned soul.
“Is this why you constantly hinder the pilgrimage to the sanctuaries?”
The devil began to laugh, nodding pleased.
“In a book St. Michael the Archangel is considered the patron of the sick, why? Answer in the name of Mary Most Holy and Almighty God! ”
Since the devil did not answer, the exorcist invited Arturo to constantly wet Attilia’s face and at the end, after repeated orders in the name of God, the devil confirmed that St. Michael the Archangel grants numerous graces of healing to those who invoke him with faith. , especially if it comes to diseases of diabolical origin.
The exorcist read a passage from the Gospel “And these will be the signs that will accompany those who believe: in my name they will drive out demons, speak new languages, take the snakes in their hands and, if they drink some poison, do not harm them, they will impose hands to the sick and these will heal. – The Lord Jesus, after having spoken with them, was hired in heaven and sat at the right hand of God. Then they left and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word with the prodigies that accompanied it “(Mc 16.16).
“How come this eternal imperative of the Lord, to your loss and for the happiness of the people, is almost no longer applied ?! Answer in the name of God Almighty! “Asked the exorcist.
The demon began to grin very satisfied.
“So you’re the inspiration ?!” urged the exorcist and the damned soul nodded his head, still grinning.
The exorcist read other prayers, while the group continued the recitation of the Rosaries.
“Is the devotion to St. Joseph important? Answer in the name of the Holy Family! ”
” Yesì “.
“Is it true that St. Joseph is the greatest saint after the Madonna? Answer in the name of the Most Holy Trinity “.
“Yes” confirmed the devil, also nodding his head.
“Many graces S. Joseph?”.
“Why is he called the saint of good death? Answer in the name of the Holy Spirit! ”
” It helps to die well, “replied the pirate, after repeated invitations in the name of God and sprinkled with water from Lourdes.
“That means you keep devils away at the moment of death ?!”.
“What are the nightclubs? Are your churches? “Continued the exorcist.
“Is it true that in some clubs there are also magicians to capture young people? Answer in the name of the Immaculate who cares for youth! ”
The devil nodded pleased.
“It is true that some young people, after the disco nights …”
“go to the cemeteries to violate the graves!” The demon interrupted him.
“What is the drug? Is it your communion? Answer for the blood of Christ! “.
The damned soul confirmed with the head.
“Has the drug found space in those who have left the prayers and the Eucharist?”.
“The stick of Moses is prefiguring which prayer? Answer in the name of God Almighty! ”
The devil did not want to answer and snorted; the exorcist then invited Arturo to wet Attila’s face with holy water.
“The Our Father” the devil said at the end, providing a subtly theological answer.
“Alone or accompanied by the Ave Maria?” Urged the exorcist.
The pirate nodded.
“So is it prefiguration of the Rosary, which of course also includes the Our Father? Answer in the name of Mary Most Holy! “The exorcist continued.
“Yes,” admitted the devil, nodding decisively.
“Why has a strange hurricane recently struck in France? Was it a punishment of God? Answer only the truth in the name of the Almighty God! ”
The devil nodded and admitted that it was the consequence of the legalization of the equivocation of gay couples with the couple (a man and a woman) desired by God’s creative design. unconverted homosexuals go to hell, as is foreseen in the Holy Scriptures.
“Cardinal Siri said that AIDS is a punishment from God. Is it really a punishment? Answer in the name of the Mother of eternal Truth! “.
“Yes,” admitted the devil, manifesting supernatural compulsion and weakness as the prayers exhausted him.
The exorcist then read the biblical passage “… because God did not create death and does not enjoy the ruin of the living. In fact he created everything for existence; the creatures of the world are healthy, in them there is no poison of death, nor the underworld reign on earth … .. “(Sap. 1,13)
“Why are there so many diseases in the world if God has said that the creatures of the world are healthy? Answer in the name of the Most Holy Trinity! Obviously I do not speak of those diseases that some saints desire in union with the sufferings of Christ “.
“Because little is prayed!” Declared the damned soul.
“Also because, as St. Paul teaches, are sins committed? “The exorcist reproached him.
The unclean spirit nodded with a sardonic smile of complacency.
“Tumors can be considered a rebellion of some cells against the body. You devils are the rebellion par excellence because you have turned against God! Are you the cause of the tumors? ”
” Yes, “admitted the damned soul.
The exorcist raised the Rosary with one hand and showing it to the devil.
“What is the modern golden calf?” The exorcist continued.
The devil did not answer. The exorcist then invited Arturo to spray Attila’s face with the water of Lourdes.
“Is it the television? Where do you preach through some of your prophets? Answer in the name of Jesus, our God and Lord! ”
” Yes, “admitted the devil.
“Why do families split?”
“You know!” The demon replied.
“Yes, but I want you to tell others!”
“Because you watch too much television instead of praying”.
“Is community prayer important? Answer in the name of God! ”
” Very “.
“And the family one ?!”
“Very much!” The devil answered, nodding decisively.
“He speaks of genetic manipulation,” the exorcist told him.
“They must not be done!” Said the devil.
“Why are they against the creative plan of God?” Asked the exorcist.
“And artificial fertilizations ?!” the exorcist continued.
“Even those do not have to be done”. Then the devil cursed the participants of the exorcist group, calling them “Cursed!”
“What is the most important action to do the works of God? Answer in the name of Jesus! ”
” Faith! “Answered the pirate.
“But does the Scripture also speak of works?” The exorcist retorted.
“Both of them,” said the devil.
The devil also added, pressed by the exorcist, that at the moment of Judgment he had heard the voice of God that had shown him all sins committed in life of which he had not asked forgiveness and then the voice had ordered him, as taught by Jesus in the Gospel (Mt 25,41), to go to hell.
“What does Our Lady mean to you through humanity? Answer in the name of Mary Most Holy! ”
” We must pray more! “.
“Where?” Asked the exorcist.
“In the houses!”
After about an hour and a half of prayers, the damned soul denoted great weariness. Then the exorcist, after having received confirmation that the two unclean spirits remained if they would go to Easter if Attilia had continued to pray the rosary, concluded the exorcism.
The girl did not remember anything of what she had said and expressed the biblical ignorance typical of many Christians.
During the night the exorcist was awakened by strange steps and noises accompanied by the aggressive breath of an animal. The exorcist began to pray the Rosary that he wore on his finger and the noises ceased immediately.

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What Lucifer said:-
“I want to conquer the earth for myself. In the meantime, I make a rich booty. I am filling up my kingdom. I take whatever I can take, I must convince you of this”.
“The majority have abandoned the Nazarene. How foolish! Those still faithful are a small flock”.
“I took Judas with me! He is always at my service. He is damned. He could have saved himself, but he has not followed the Nazarene”.
“The enemies of the Church belong to us”.
“O, if you had an idea of how things stand below! The visionary children of Fatima have seen it. If you had an idea….. you would be on your knees day and night at the tabernacle. I had to say it because the High Lady compels me to”. The ‘High Lady’ refers to Our Lady.
Fr Renz asks Lucifer – “You are responsible for heresies, eg those of Kung!”. Lucifer replies – ” Yes and we have still more”.
Lucifer said – “The priests should say that I exist. Or else they will all go down!”
Today, hardly anyone believes any longer in the Immaculate Conception. And the Church? At present, most believe it is only a community. The modernists are killing it evermore. We are hard at work at this, and we throw much poison into the Church, so it might be discredited. By now, those who believe in the Church and are faithful and believe in Her [teachings] are very few. The rosary? They think it is “modern”. Many believe that after life, everything is finished. These are very many, and they live accordingly, because they do not pray any longer. Sins reach Heaven: but the thing will not last long. The one of 1917 [the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima] said it. But only a few have listened to her. Death, tribulations, and famine, O yes, they will surely come again!”
What Judas said:-
“I am damned for eternity! You careless people, if you could just imagine what it is to be damned for eternity! I am damned!
“I will not come out of the girl. Down there, it is too tormenting”.
“If people knew what was in store for them by not going to church! It will fair them extremely bad”.
“These modernists are the result of my work and they already belong to me”.
“They no longer obey the Pope in Rome. It is the one in Rome who still keeps the Church going”.
“Humanae Vitae is also with no result. It is useless”
“The religious in monasteries watch TV and don’t pray enough, do not kneel down and they extend their paws (ie, receive Holy Communion in the hand).
What Cain said:-
“I have killed my brother. I am burning”
What Hitler said:-
“Men are so beastly stupid! They believe that after death all is finished. But life goes on, either up or down”
What Father Fleischmann said:-
“I was a priest at Ettleben. I am damned. It is horrible down there. Judas pulled me down there”.
” I am damned because I fulfilled my duties very badly”
“I have killed 1 person and I had women”.
“I prayed too little. I was always in a hurry to finish my sacred duties. Now, I am down there languishing for eternity”.
“No priests should marry”.
“If the bishops did not permit communion in the hand, this would not have happened” (this refers to consecrated hosts being sold).
What Nero said:-
“You should follow the message of Fatima!”
“Humanae Vitae is decisive, the whole Humanae Vitae!”
“The rosary should be recited, or else it is the end!”
Fr Renz asks about Bishop Lefebvre. Lucifer replies, “Ha! That one! But they don’t believe in him. What a pity”.
Miscellaneous things the demons said:-
“The modernists are killing the Church. We are hard at work at this”.
“No one speaks any longer of us, especially the parish priests”.
“The bishops are so foolish as to believe the theologians like Kung rather than the Pope.”
“This is the month of the rosary but very few recite it, because the parish priests think it’s not modern. They are so foolish! If they knew its importance! It is a strong weapon against Satan and against us.”
Nero said, “The Dutch bishops are heretics. They have become unfaithful to the Pope!”
“Catholics have the true doctrine and they run after the Protestants like prostitutes!”
“There in the synods, they continue to deliberate. The bishops already know what they should do. There would be no need of synods if they followed the Pope. For them the Pope is foolish! They are those who let that thing (the host) be given in the hands!”
“The doctrine is falsified in the Church!”
“Many do not go to church any longer. No one kneels down to the Blessed Sacrament. And the Church is not doing well since the time it was founded. The churches are so modern! The Nazarene and His Mother are now attacking!”
“People should go to confession”.
Judas says, “The giving of Communion in the hand was my work”.
“Holy water should come back to houses! Also, the crucifix should return to its place in the home”.
“The Holy Face should be venerated!”
“It is very important to pray to St Joseph. Rather it is most important!”.
“If the message of Fatima is not given due importance and Humanae Vitae, a new punishment will come”.
“It won’t last much longer. The chastisement is coming”.
“The contents of the audio cassette must beforehand be made public. Many will yet be saved.”
“Guardian angels are day and night near you, behind you. Today people do not believe in guardian angels. Guardian angels are my enemies. I hate them.”
Nero said, “Abortion is homicide”
Lucifer said, “The apparitions of San Damiano and Montechiari are true. The Church did not approve them, but this is the fruit of our work.”
Judas said, “People standing during Holy Communion pleases me more than kneeling. I do everything possible that no one be on his knees.”
In 1975, Judas also said, “We are very happy with the new reforms. We are most happy with these changes.”
The Priest asks, Where to the Embryos go when they are not baptized? Not to Hell? NO!!!

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=472169123262155&set=a.136612263484511&type=3&theater

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Article below:

Exorcism documentary slated for April 20 release

Source: ‘The Devil and Father Amorth’ Set for Silver Screen Debut

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Source: The Download—The Real Ghostbusters

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A Prayer for Priests
By St. Therese of Lisieux

O Jesus, eternal Priest,
keep your priests within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart,
where none may touch them.

Keep unstained their anointed hands,
which daily touch Your Sacred Body.

Keep unsullied their lips,
daily purpled with your Precious Blood.

Keep pure and unearthly their hearts,
sealed with the sublime mark of the priesthood.

Let Your holy love surround them and
shield them from the world’s contagion.

Bless their labors with abundant fruit and
may the souls to whom they minister be their joy and consolation here and in heaven their beautiful and everlasting crown. Amen.

Published on Jul 17, 2015

Purchase the complete Documentary here:

I sat with Fr. Gary Thomas who is arguably the best known exorcist in America. This video is a short segment of the unedited raw interview shot for a new documentary film called “Battling Darkness: Hollywood & the Rise of Exorcism”.

In this revealing documentary, leading voices from Hollywood and the Christian community, as well as psychologists and modern-day exorcists, discuss the mysteries of the demonic realm. Through a Biblical understanding and first-hand accounts, the film provides insights into the reality of spiritual warfare and offers keys to victory when you find yourself Battling Darkness.

Prior to 1973, Satan seemed all but dead and gone, the casualty of a modernist mindset. But with Linda Blair’s disturbing performance in The Exorcist, Satan returned with a vengeance. Since that landmark film, audiences worldwide have been fascinated with movies about demonic possession and the spirit realm. However, given Hollywood’s tendency to take creative license, the question arises, “Is the visage of Satan now presented Biblical or distorted?” And more importantly, how have these images influenced society’s consideration of both the demonic and spiritual warfare?

Battling Darkness is a thought-provoking documentary that examines these questions with objectivity and insight from psychologists, modern-day exorcists and leading voices in Christianity.


Linda Blair is an American actress, best known for her role as the possessed child in the 1973 film The Exorcist. For her part in that film, she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes, winning one.

Dr. Tony Campolo is an American sociologist, pastor, author, public speaker and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton. He is a popular commentator on religious, political, and social issues, and has been a guest on programs such as Larry King Live, Nightline, Crossfire, and 100 Huntley Street.

Fr. Gary Thomas has served as the Diocese of San Jose’s official Vatican-certified exorcist for the past six years. His experiences during his training in Rome became the subject of the 2009 book, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, by Matt Baglio. The 2011 film, The Rite, starring actor Anthony Hopkins, was based on this book.

Hank Hanegraaf, also known as The Bible Answer Man, is an American author, radio talk-show host and advocate of Evangelical Christianity. He is an outspoken apologist on doctrinal and cultural issues.

Dr. Neil T Anderson is a best-selling author on spiritual freedom, including Victory Over the Darkness, The Bondage Breaker, and The Steps to Freedom in Christ. He is founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries.


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Published on Apr 22, 2016

The mere thought of ghosts can give us goose bumps sometimes, but there are still moments when we think ghost stories are just made up to scare us. Maybe it’s time for some real talk about things that go bump in the night, and other stirrings we suspect may be specters. Can souls continue to communicate with the living after they die? In this video, Fr. Mike gives a powerful reason for why he believes they can.

This video appeared first on http://ascensionpresents.com.

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Published on Oct 3, 2012

Fr. Herbert J. Ryan, S.J., a theology professor at LMU, engages us in a passionate discussion on the often controversial subject of exorcisms. As one of the primary consultants on the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Fr. Ryan uses his expertise in the Catholic Rite of Exorcism to help explain the unexplainable.

Each Jesuits On… features a member of the Society of Jesus sharing his knowledge and passion on a wide range of subjects, whether it be the life of a famous saint, insights into the penalty or the rapid pace of change in China.

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Published on Nov 15, 2012

Father Vincent Lampert, a Catholic priest at the Saint Francis and Claire Roman Catholic Church in Greenwood, Indiana, is one of about 50 working exorcists in the United States. For the second year in a row, Fr. Lampert came to speak at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln on the topic of exorcism and the realities of evil in the world.

This is not the same message presented to us by Hollywood. This is real life.

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