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Bishop David Malloy

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Its fortunate any Priest can perform the Latin Mass or also called the Extraordinary Form.  The unfortunate rhetoric is that this Bishop and others are doing this because they know its a “Catch 22” for the Priest.  It makes a Priest look like he disobeys his Bishop if he performs it without permission.  To me this is “dirty pool” and against the mandates by a former Pope.

“Catholic commentators are calling this letter ultra vires, meaning not within his power as bishop.

A 2007 Motu Proprio by Pope Benedict Emeritus XVI titled Summorum Pontificum directly contradicts Bp. Malloy’s letter. Pope Benedict said, “Masses celebrated without the people, any priest whosoever of the Latin Rite, whether secular or religious, can use either the Missale Romanum issued in 1962 by Bl. Pope John XXIII.”

The Pope continued, “For such a celebration according to one or the other Missal, a priest does not need permission, neither from the Apostolic See nor from his Ordinary.”


He justifies actions by claiming

Source: Illinois Bishop Cracks Down on Traditional Latin Mass, Ad Orientem Worship

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Latin Mass

Approximately 150 people celebrated Fort Hood’s first high traditional Latin Mass on Monday at Old Post Chapel, marking the first time that the ancient Latin rite was offered on any U.S. Army installation in 45 years.

Source: Fort Hood offers High Latin Mass for first time in 45 years

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I in no way go against the church but I respect the teaching of Bishop Fellay.

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The above video is from Life on The Rock on EWTN.  It discusses the Traditional Latin Mass and the Society of St. Peter.

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