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Peter Breen:

Source: Federal Court Backs David Daleiden’s Fetal Tissue Investigation

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Father Richard Perozich responds to backlash to his column urging Catholics to vote pro-life

Source: CM Exclusive: San Diego Priest Speaks Out

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“Speaking Wednesday, PM Theresa May, elevated to the office in July following the resignation of David Cameron, described the rise of “safe spaces” as “quite extraordinary,” all the while cautioning the self-censorship and insulation that come with the policies could be detrimental to both the British economy and society.

The remarks came following a question posed to the prime minister by Conservative MP Victoria Atkins, who asserted “safe spaces” on university campuses foster a “sense of entitlement” with “a minority of students” that effectively “shuts down debate.”



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2016-09-01-Maxwell-A (2)

Source: Pro-Life Club Wins Victory at Canadian College

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The Johnson Amendment keeping non-profits from political activity only works because the IRS makes sure no one knows exactly what’s okay and what’s banned.

Source: Let Churches Speak Freely. Drop the Johnson Amendment — Or Just Make It Clear | The Stream

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Barred from Marquette, John McAdams now spends more time at home than he might like. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

Barred from Marquette, John McAdams now spends more time at home than he might like. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

“Professor McAdams will not do that,” Esenberg stated. “He wrote an accurate blog post about an issue — the treatment of certain points of view as offensive or beyond the pale. The issue is one of great public interest. The university has said that it welcomes debate and self-criticism.That is precisely what Professor McAdams was engaged in.”

McAdams stated in the press release Monday:

I have spent nearly my entire career at Marquette University. I am proud to be part of the Marquette community and I have used my voice to both defend and criticize the university to ensure it holds to its Catholic traditions. … I think the most overlooked aspect of this matter is that no one in the Marquette Administration has taken seriously the complaint of the undergraduate student who was silenced by the Instructor. I’m saddened that Marquette’s treatment of the undergraduate student at the center of this controversy failed to adhere to its guiding principle of Cura Personalis.

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  People we have another hero in our midst—Associate Professor John McAdams.  May he win his case for Freedom of Speech and Tenure.


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 David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress

“Additionally, law faculty from Harvard, Stanford, Cornell and other public and private university law schools have joined in filing a brief insisting that federal courts do not have the power to prohibit the distribution of information relevant to controversial matters of public concern ­­ a brief which quotes extensively from another amicus brief previously been filed in the lower court by the Reporters’ Committee for Freedom of the Press, attacking the district court’s earlier entry of a temporary restraining order as an illicit “prior restraint” banning dissemination of the NAF videotapes.

The law professors’ brief asserts that while they “do not agree with one another on all aspects of the controversial issue of abortion,” they nonetheless “are united in insisting that all Americans ­­ no matter what their views on abortion ­­ have an unfettered right in our society to have access to important information about controversial matters, including ­­ but by no means limited to ­­ abortion.” The constitutional concerns expressed include a disagreement with the district court’s analysis that Daleiden had engaged in “fraud.”

Rather, the brief affirms Daleiden’s role as a member of the press, as the composition of the Fourth Estate is now “broadly understood at this moment in the digital revolution” and as citizen journalists, equally as so-called mainstream media, play a “vital role” in providing crucial information to the general public.”

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Constitutional Scholars May Not Agree with What Daleiden Says, But They Defend His Right to Say It

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