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Ash Wednesday In today’s Gospel reading (Matt. 6:1-6, 16-18), Jesus says that we should not perform righteous deeds in order to be seen and then follows up on that with three examples to clarify what he means. At one point, he specifically says “anoint your head and wash your face, so that you may not […]

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“The idea of Don’t read the Scriptures with a higher IQ than who it was written for also does not also does not mean that the infinite orthodox interpretations of the Sacred Scriptures are immediately obvious to even the greatest of theologians. Both scientists and theologians define simple as “nothing lacking and nothing superfluous.” Thus, God Himself is simple, nothing lacking but nothing superfluous.  But God is not simplistic. So also, the Sacred Scriptures. It has been said that the Gospel of John is easy enough for a child to play in but deep enough for a theologian to drown in.  So, my prof’s line Don’t read the Scriptures with a higher IQ than who it was written for does not mean we don’t need theologians who will go deep into typology.”  

Indeed, we need holy theologians, but not legalistic scribes.

Blog Post:  http://padreperegrino.org/2019/03/simple-gospel/

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“Caviezel’s message, captured on video and posted to Facebook by Father Brian Buettner, Vocations Director at Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, was enthusiastically received.

He prefaced his talk with his forthcoming movie Paul, Apostle of Christ, sharing how the filmmaking experience showed him that to be great in the eyes of God, we must first be small and accept Him entirely, allowing Him to guide us.

Caviezel also spoke of the significance of suffering, and decried the prevalent misunderstanding that Christianity is merely about “happy talk.”

Source Article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/passion-of-the-christ-actor-we-must-be-warriors-ready-to-risk-our-lives-for

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Repent! And preach the Gospel!


Source: 5 Saints Who Had Terrifying Visions of Hell

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Note: The following was originally written for Our Sunday Visitor in late 2009, in part because of the movie, “2012”, released at that time. I am posting it here in light of the interest about the Mayan calendar and the date of December 21, 2012.

“T. S. Eliot, at the conclusion of his 1925 poem, “The Hollow Men,” wrote, “This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper.” That’s a far cry from the cosmic crisis depicted in recent apocalyptic books and films, including the heavily-touted and movie “2012” (see sidebar below), which is crammed full of bangs, computer-generated crashes, explosions, earthquakes, and floods.

Curiosity about the end of the world abounds. For many, it is both frightening and exciting to think they will witness The End. Wars and natural disasters are commonly interpreted as signs of approaching apocalypse; future famines and ecological crises are often promoted as hastening the same.

But are we really living in the end times? And what, exactly, does the Catholic Church teach about the end of the world? “

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A newspaper will be old tomorrow.  The Gospel is fresh everyday of our lives.  The above sermon from the Bishop of the Diocese of Tunnana is a good example of the New Evangelization.  What is old is new again.

The word of God is always new everyday but the words of man are limited and from yesterdays headlines.

If you feel like a little inspiration look at the video above.

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Today is my day off.  I just get on the web and surf and I search out information.  Today I found Father Gabriel Amorth.  He is Chief Exorcist of Rome.  Do I believe in demons and have I seen one?  First answer to the question is yes I believe that evil exists and that God created these beings.  Second I have not seen one but it doesn’t mean I can’t believe they are real.  If Jesus Christ said so and I believe in my whole heart He is real that is good enough for me. 

When I was a child and old enough to walk to church I would ask my friends to go.  I was always one of the first to ask them to go to church and to confession.  I never forgot the pull toward Jesus Christ even when I wandered from Him after 13 years of age.  Unfortunately I would put Him away and take Him out when it was convenient.  He has never considered me convenient it would become time to make sure this was never so.

I just plain drifted away for a while but I never forgot Him.   I was poorly Catechised like so many of my brothers and sisters of Christ.  It took me many years to learn about Him now that Im in my late 40’s. I have come back to Him and to hopefully serve Him well even as an imperfect human being.  My biggest fear is my failure but even then I know that He accepts me in this human frailty.  He forgives me when when I fall and he picks me back up.  I have far to go and a hope that I always walk with Him and next to Him.

You see it took a tragedy in my life to bring me back to God. In my selfishness I found His wisdom eventually and saw what He means to us.  He helped me see in my selfishness that we belong to Him no matter what.  In our deepest tragedy and even when we want to hate God we still belong to Him.  In my hatred because I thought He took my sister from this world in tragic death I finally saw what it truly means to be a Christian.  In this severity I found out that it truly is Him who has the last say in our lives.  I accept this.  I am glad He helped me see the error in my thinking and to know that His teaching is real.  To surrender our wills to His.

Well now I digress but it worth it.  I found some interesting topics like exorcism.  I stated in the beginning about Fr. Gabriel Amorth and his work against evil.  Well I’m with Father on this.  There is evil in the world and it surrounds us in life and we have to trust in Jesus Christ because as Peter the Fisherman said, “I believe Him because He said so”.  Brothers and sisters this last simple statement isnt much in the way of biblical teaching but its good enough for me.  Hell is real and I cant prove it but like I said I take Jesus Christ and His word for this one. 

This is His invitation through me to all of you out there who have fallen away from Christianity or who are non-Christians.   The invitation to pick up a good and simple authoritative work on the Life of Christ.  An invitation to at least find out who He was even if you don’t follow Him in your spiritual life or journey.  At chance to my brothers and sisters who have fallen away to come back and see Him again.  Give it go I did for a second time.  His word is Eternal and it has much to say to us.  Pick up a bible and check Him out with new eyes.

His word is Eternal and it has much to say to us.  Even if you have no belief or a belief the story is one of the greatest ever told.  Pick up a bible and check Him out with new eyes or old eyes.

Pray for me as I will pray for all of you.

Come seek out who Jesus Christ was and is.  Its an invitation and a pleasant journey to seek out and know Jesus christ for anyone from any walk of life.

Life is grand with God.

God Bless.

See:   http://www.catholicscomehome.org/

See:   http://www.avoiceforlife.com/about.html

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