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In my younger naive days when I left the church and made my way into the world I found that women tried to encourage me to wear my neckline a little more obvious.

In other words I think they were hinting if I showed a little more skin (I think this is baloney.  If a man finds one attractive he should be looking at more than my attributes.  Especially if he is a Christian man.) I would get a man.  This maybe so but I could never do this for some reason.  Hope it was the Holy Spirit on my shoulder encouraging me to be better in life.

I came through some bad times because I bought this “Culture of Death” for a little while.  I had my chances to shack up with men before marriage.

I am no angel and now am glad that the Lord has found me and asked me back to the fold.

He asks us back anytime.  Dont think there is any sin that cannot be forgiven.  Its up to us to be forgiven by God.  The world of course can still hold things against us and most certainly it does.

I recently witnessed and Im ashamed to say I dont know how to handle this but this is whats going on.

Recently I witnessed the protest outside of a diner of a local pedophile.  I dont know what the story is behind this but do we know that this person isnt trying to get their life back on track?   If he is working here what does this tell us?

I dont know what this person did but its not up to me to judge them.  I dont know if they are back on track and I dont know very much about what takes place when it comes to helping someone who suffers from pedophilia.

I dont know what kind of judgment and program this person is on which the Judge established in his court.

Pedophilia is heinous today in society and so it should be.  The Lord warned us not to hurt children or we would be better off dead.   We also will not like our judgment on judgment day by the Lord.

I do know that if I pass by and I dont mention this here Im just as bad as those that condemn this person.

Hope this person gets help and I hope our society learns more about these dreaded problems on society.

I made this distinction from the most heinous sexual crime in our society because Im not so sure this hasnt some bearing on what is destroying our world today.

So I go back to modesty.  Its time we respected it and we tried to emulate it.

See:  http://www.catholicmodesty.com/



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The above is the fifth episode in the ongoing series The Catholic View for Women.  You will find this a most unusual but informative channel for Christians in the Catholic Church.  If your non-Christian tune in and  welcome for an interesting perspective on women and life in the Catholic Church.  One that was never lost in the Catholic Church but misunderstood all along and one we are discovering anew and ancient.

For other episodes go to this link:


Some of you are my brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church and many of you will probably not accept or reject this message but it is the true message of the Magisterium.

We all know what the message of the world is-its false where life is concerned.  The Catholic Church is stated this way:  we must be reminded is that we are not of the world but in the world.  That says much to us from the time Christ gave us His Bride.

You dont have to take my word for this but check this out and do your own research.

If you have been gone for a while we welcome you back and we invite you to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church and primarily your Catholic Bible to start with.

Were waiting for you.

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This is one of the most beautiful Pro-Life stories I have ever encountered.  Im sure that there are a lot more out there equally so.  The respect for life is becoming a hot button issue among Americans today.  It is necessary and one that needs to be pondered in a deeper way.

Norma McKorvey and others like her who have come into the Right to Life Movement also must be studied.  After all Norma is Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade fame.  She has been an activist for sometime and a communicant of the Roman Catholic Church.  She has protested this unfair law and unfair practice to human life.   She like many others who have walked into the “shadow of death” are now coming on board to the sanctity of life.

We invite every American to  a change of heart and mind in all honesty on this subject.  So please read Julia Holcomb’s story and also keep an open mind to real life.

Julia Holcomb thanks for your witness, testimony and story.  Thanks for coming home.  Thank you for helping others.

See Julia’s story as she tells it in her own words:


If you get the chance please educate yourself about the Culture of Life which we are trying to preserve in these difficult times.

See also:  http://www.priestsforlife.org/

See also Norma McKorvey testimony:


See also Dr. Bernard Nathanson


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Healthy to Go Buff

Click link below for article.


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