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Published on Aug 8, 2018

The priesthood is not a gay vocation.

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Comes same day he affirmed a sex abuse victim was born gay

Source: Pope Says No to Gays in Seminary

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“In 2008 I founded an organization called the Brothers of Padre Pio in order to bring hope to people when we are faced with a sometimes harsh world. I work on the streets of Pasadena and Los Angeles sharing my story as an example of the power of unshakeable faith.

I am often asked, “Would you do anything different in your life if you had the chance?” I always answer with an unequivocal ,”no.” In return I ask, “If you could do anything different in your life, what would it be?” Most ponder the question and recite a litany of regrets and “if I only…”

In 2007 I was diagnosed with AIDS. I do not regret having AIDS, nor do I regret that I am gay and that my lifestyle was unacceptable to the church. For most of my life I felt like an outcast but never have I felt that I was not loved by God. At a young age, I questioned my sexuality and in turn my faith was questioned and I was considered “wrong” for allowing and accepting the truth of who I am. Although I strayed from the church my heart was always aligned with God and our Beloved Virgin Mary.

For 25 years I was in relationship with my best friend, Robert. We still live together but we are no longer intimate. It was the perceived rejection by others that often drove me to lose myself in alcohol and drug use. I will never forget the day it was confirmed that I had contracted the AIDS virus. It was surreal.  I remember thinking that I wanted to die; but that was not meant to be. At least not yet.”


Source Article:  https://patch.com/california/southpasadena/bp–patch-blog-from-the-gutter-to-grace


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Statement binds no one, doesn’t touch birth control, divorce and remarriage

Source: The Nashville Statement and the Protestant Crisis of Authority

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  I am delighted for Brother Christopher and I love to read this witness every time I see it. The Lord works in mysterious ways.  He, Brother Christopher has been saved from death.  Always. The truth will set you free. Amen.

“I was in the gay lifestyle for 43 years. I came out as gay when I was 22 years old. I began a relationship that lasted 25 years. After 25 years I decided to become single and venture out to see what I had missed out on in my younger years. By 2008, I ended up with AIDS and a drug addiction.”

“My sufferings in that lifestyle were self-inflicted suffering that had no value in the eyes of God. The suffering of persecution for speaking the truth about homosexuality has value.”

Source: Ex-Gay Rescued By the Power of the Cross

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Source:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/intrinsically-disordered-why-gay-advocates-and-bishops-are-the-only-ones-ta

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“Curiously, Kaine failed to mention that what God was declaring “very good” was the creation of man and woman and his blessing on their union.

 In his post, Rev. Graham notes that Kaine has “evolved” in his beliefs about same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

“Well, [neither] his thinking, nor society’s deteriorating moral attitudes, change the truth of God’s Holy Word—it never changes or evolves,” he said.

“I appreciate the Catholic Church remaining very strong on moral issues through the years, and I pray they will be immovable on the teachings of the Bible,” Graham said.

Rev. Graham is not alone in his criticism of Tim Kaine. While the abortion lobby has showered Kaine with plaudits, several U.S. Catholic bishops have recently challenged Kaine’s claim to being a faithful Catholic by citing his open dissent from essential moral teachings of the Church.”

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/09/14/franklin-graham-slams-tim-kaine-abandoning-christian-belief-homosexuality/

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