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Sweetest Heart of Mary Church on Russell Street in Detroit is debating whether to remove the two historic spires that cap its towering steeples after decades of wear have left the structures visibly twisted and unsafe. The parish estimates repairing the spires in place would cost at least $1.35 million.



“Parish weighing options for historic architectural gems

Detroit — The fate of the twin spires that sit atop the two steeples of Sweetest Heart of Mary Church is up in the air.

And members of Mother of Divine Mercy Parish are searching for a more grounded future.

The two spires are bent out of shape after a century’s worth of high winds, rain, ice and animal waste have damaged the spires, calling their structural integrity into question.

The parish finance council has hired a number of architecture firms to examine the damage to the spires and quote the cost to repair or replace the structures.

Members of the finance council of Mother of Divine Mercy Parish in Detroit — which consists of Sweetest Heart of Mary and St. Josaphat churches — met with the Detroit Historic Commission on July 12 to discuss the future of the spires and the architectural designs of the 124-year old church.”

FULL ARTICLE BELOW: http://www.themichigancatholic.org/2017/07/future-sweetest-heart-mary-spires-air/

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Calling all Catholics.  I think this Church is a worthy save. See article below if you wish to donate for this cause.

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“We need to repair the marriage. It will never be perfect because, well, Dad will always be a little too gruff with the kids.  Mom will always tend to push the limit on the credit cards. But it can work. And  we need to stay united against the outside forces that prowl about the world seeking our ruin.

Call me naïve. Call me simplistic. Call me whatever you want. But I say, “Honey, let’s make our family great again.” It won’t be easy and it will be a long, difficult road back but we can do it. Starting in our own marriages and families. And with God’s grace.”


Source:  https://rosesweet.com/the-demon-unleashed/

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