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Holy Father to Vice President Mike Pence: You know I disapprove of President Trump don’t you? Its no secret—The Remnant, Church Militant, LifeSiteNews are onto me as are others just to name a few. Many journalists from around the world and not to mention the Learned from the Universities and those in the clerical state of the Church both high and low.

Mike Pence to Holy Father:  Just smiles and listens intently. As Holy Father goes on. 

Holy Father to Pence: Make no mistake my little comrade- er–friend we will find a way to throw all dissenters into your American Gulags Rehabilitation/Re-Education Centers er, I mean go through your American Justice System forgive me, my mistake this isn’t Argentina, when this is all over—join us.

Holy Father: Yes, Vice President Pence. Yes. 

Mike Pence just keeps smiling. Maybe uncomfortable and a little nervous to. 

Holy Father: We have it on good faith Bernie is a contender. What a grand Socialist he is our little Bernie. We like Bernie and many others to. My favorite friend, atheist, journalist and just plain comrade, from la Repubblica News, Eugenio Scalfari, also a friend to all dissenters. I have it on good authority and its alleged that he will help us to. He loves the idea of disinformation and I keep him well informed here at the Vatican. Even our American Catholics who are in the majority don’t know it yet, we own them to, my Bishops and Cardinals around the world are my best ally,  I make sure they are well paid for it. For that matter mostly about our One Billion Catholics around the Globe to are in the dark or under my iron thumb. Holy Father laughs manically as Pence looks on uncomfortably like someone who got left in an asylum for the insane. 

Holy Father to Pence: Hey, just for openers, you understand poker right? I will even throw in China for a deal. They like me over there. They even still like McCarrick. Maybe I could get in “bed” politically with North Korea for you to. I hear allegedly, he, McCarrick and others over the years thanks to some of your Communistic Americans had them infiltrate the Catholic Church back in the mid maybe even early 20th Century. He and many others are those Communists who helped us achieve the Vatican through our very own St. Gallen’s Mafia, just to name but one of our radical groups. If you go along with me, I could use a good little Protestant like yourself. After all I have the Lutherans, most of the Protestants in Europe, the Globalists, that poor misguided, little comrade Greta Thunberg (our foolish Catholics pray for her and the Greenies) others like her and most of the mainline radicals and everyone eating out of my hand all the way to the Islamic countries.

Holy Father to Pence: Ok Pence! What’s it going to cost me to make sure Trump isn’t getting elected again? After all you know I’m loaded what with Peter’s Pence and all. When this done you might want to be a Democrat.  They love me to. That Nancy Pelosi is a good little com- I mean Catholic. She and Biden are wonderful. 

Holy Father to Pence: I have such control over the Catholic purse in America. Its no object. Don’t tell anyone we have supposed offshore accounts to, allegedly through Mr. McCarrick. You read the scandal sheets of course at Church Militant? Yes?. Little do they know they tell the truth. Good. Mr. Pence. Just keep nodding and agreeing and for the love of Heaven smile. None of those pesky Catholics, others and Journalists will know the difference what we plan here today. He, Pope Francis laughs again. 

Holy Father to Pence: Now, Mr. Pence how much is it going to cost us through the USSCB and your government coming quietly in the backdoor of course.  We don’t want to openly disturb your so-called separation of Church and State. Warn these unwoken Catholics up before we drop the boom. We need to make American Catholics go along with the Socialist Agenda we so lovingly call Accompaniment? Make the Catholic Church Protestant looking, Parden me Mr. Pence—- oh I mean tear it down and look like the veneer of a Orthodox Traditional Catholicism? My Catholic people all over the world have been so in the dark since the “Kumbaya” years–1970’s I hear, they wont know what hit them when its all over with. 

Mike Pence is now looking uncomfortable and a little aghast and still hiding it oh so diplomatically. Mike has been just listening and not saying a word like a good strategist and trained diplomat. 

Holy Father to Pence: Just keep nodding and agreeing make this look like an innocent talk were having. Rest assured no one will ever know.

Holy Father to Pence: After all most if not all Christians are good little Communists/Socialists at heart. That’s what I tell the Communists.

Holy Father to Pence: Mr. Pence its a brave new world as they say come over to the dark side its more lucrative. We have all the Catholic money from the faithful. We might even throw in a few of those mansions some of the dearly departed extremely wealthy Catholics gave us.  Oh so unsuspecting.  After all we make sure they never really learn about the faith–blind as bats they are.  Many Catholics are so naive and why should they read those oh so boring encyclicals by the Great Popes of yester year. Ever so long, boring and very educational and informative.  We just tell them not to bother.  We prelates know more about it than they do. Pope Francis laughs an uncomforatable maniacal laugh.  Pence is looking just about like he wants out of there. Pence feels this almost uncontroble urge to run and never come back to the Vatican again. He can feel the stifling presence of something very dark and formidable in the air. Almost as if-not Pence, he is now a Protestant—and probably thinks in this day and age that Satan still exists. But once saved always saved keeps evil at bay.  Protestants don’t go for those pesky Sacraments those crazy Catholics still espouse or partake in with reverence. I doubt they believe our Priests know about Exorcisms in this day and age. Some maybe. Maybe even Mr. Pence. 

Pence now looks back at Holy Father out of his reverie almost as if in a painful daze. Now as Holy Father drones on in his long diplomatic tirade prepared for him by his Vatican staff, about American Catholics, the Church, politics, motive and agenda and so on:

Pope Francis to Mr. Pence: Hey, I even have their traditional Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and others under my thumb with the help of Gorgeous Georg Ganswein. Georg is a keeper. Very clever and trusted is our Georg. I have others like him here at the Vatican. I protect them I mean er—I ah mean, keep watch over them and let them have assylum here at the Vatican.  Keep em’ guessing I always say. That’s the Communistic Way. Join me and I will rule not only the spiritual world. With my contacts everywhere  I can give you the secular world as well. We like “fire sales” at the Vatican. That’s how we survive. We prosper on the world market while everyone wonders who stole their “cookies”. Behind the scenes stage right at the Vatican you see Holy Father pulling his mask off and Pence jumping in fright:


Pence stage right:  With his Back toward the door moving backwards as he watches the Holy Father like he is a wolf in sheep’s cloths. As if one could loose his diplomatic “marbles”. 

Mike Pence answers Holy Father:  See you sometime Holy Father. Don’t call us.  We will call you. Will get back to you sometime in the not too distant future. Thank You Holy Father for your Blessings. 

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Published on Feb 24, 2019

The f*g tries out a new character. MILO RETURNS SPRING 2019.


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Great meaningful satire: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/4352-remnant-tv-covers-pink-elephant-in-rome

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general-synod-2010-1024x836 (2)

Satire and Exaggeration of Up and Coming February Synod 2019

What can we expect?

Source: The February Synod

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Published on Sep 4, 2018

This video is about FrancisCast Ep 4 – Vigano

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“Homoclericalism” Satire is part of the American Culture.  This is our way to support the victims and fight for the soul of the Catholic Church here and everywhere.


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Laura Ingraham is one of most interesting Radio Show Hosts these days.  She also is a convert to Catholicism.

Her newest book in the above video sounds very promising if not a very good read.

She has been interviewed on numerous occaisions by Raymond Arroyo and was just recently insulted by a newscaster which caused some controversy.

This interesting woman had the grace to accept the apology and not make a big deal of it.  To me she is one classy woman and a very smart one at that.

If you get the chance check out Laura Ingraham at:  http://www.lauraingraham.com/

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