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We The Church Militant As Espoused By The Catholic Church


BLOGGER’S NOTE:  In the spirit of the article below this blogger is proud to be called part of The Church Militant espoused by the Catholic Church and Popes since the time of Peter.  May I never be shame or be ashamed of who I am—-A Catholic Christian—Universal Christian.


How ‘bout them apples?

Source: Trump and the Church Militant

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St. Francis de Sales and Church Militant.

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Published on Mar 24, 2015

The causes of the Catholic crisis all lead to the same place.

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Humbly folks I make a prediction now and for the future:  The people who gave these liberal answers will be the same people who will go along with the “man of sin” someday.   I’m giving  a heads up folks as to what we will encounter in our true test of faith someday.  If you read the history of the church regarding the “man of sin” Jesus predicted someday the same attitude we see in today’s society will proliferate in the future on the same wide scale.  I just am here to warn you as the prophets would have warned—nothing more.  We have free will.  What will be your answer to Him be someday when the true test presents itself? When you stand before true evil.  Its not an easy answer folks.  One will have to be tried and tested.  I hope mine and your “yes” to Him will prevail and mine and your courage will not be lacking.  Love in Christ brothers and sisters.


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