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“Thus, any Christianized celebration of Halloween needs to reinforce the idea that there is a cultural battle going on between the forces of good and evil. Hell exists, and its fires must be avoided. What better way to demonstrate these truths than to point out the macabre manifestations of evil that appear everywhere during Halloween.

It could also serve as an occasion to point out the victory of the saints over the evils of their day. The eve of the Church’s two holy days might even return to be a time to make merry and eat sweet soul cakes while praying for the poor souls suffering in purgatory.”

Source:  http://www.returntoorder.org/2018/10/can-halloween-be-christianized-again/

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Traditional voices marginalized.

Source: Vatican Pre-Synod on Youth



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Published on Nov 21, 2017

Here’s a bit of “ancient” video we happened upon recently in preparation for last month’s Catholic Identity Conference, where Michael J. Matt was to deliver a talk on the history of the Traditional Catholic movement (available in on-demand video from RemnantNewspaper.com ).

This video takes us back to the early days of the Traditional Catholic counterrevolution—to Mr. Matt’s boyhood home—where his mother and father had set up a catacomb chapel of sorts, centered around an old altar they’d rescued from a “totally groovy” Novus parish that was chucking all the old statues, nixing the altars and bulldozing the sanctuaries. So Mr. Matt’s father rescued what he could and installed it in his basement chapel.

That catacomb altar served as an outpost for the early “men in black” before the Indult of 1988 and long before Summorum Pontificum—priests who refused to go along with the Revolution, men who are revered today as pioneers of the early Traditional Catholic resistance.

Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like, keeping in mind that some fairly well known figures frequented this catacomb chapel. Walter L. Matt founder of The Remnant, of course, is the old gent at the front, but old-timers will also recognize a young Michael Davies and several other early traditionalist writers receiving Holy Communion. Michael Matt, by the way, is serving Father John Emerson’s Mass. We’ve come a long way.

May we never forget from whence we came and the sacrifices of the early traditionalists who literally gave up everything in defense of the Traditional Latin Mass. They were Traditionalists before Tradition was cool, God bless them all.


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Published on Mar 23, 2017

Since Michael Matt is out of town this week—attending the Catholic Identity Conference planning meeting in Pittsburgh—we’re offering heavily edited excerpts of a recent episode on growing up Catholic. Some of our viewers requested this so that they could share these stories from the old days with non-Traditionalist friends and family. Our regular weekly Remnant Underground schedule will resume next week.


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Notre Dame Caves!



Catholic school caves to liberal protests

Source: Notre Dame Breaks Tradition, Won’t Invite President Trump to Commencement

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Betrothal of Joseph & Mary

BLOGGERS NOTE:  I’ve come through the worst period of the church—-The Sexual Revolution.  I’m surprised I survived it but not unscathed.  Now in my middle-age I see error of my ways and the truth of courtship which is what it has always been and should continue to be.  This is for all Catholics even in this modern world.

“Lost and Forgotten Virtues

In 2014, the Christian romance movie “Old Fashioned” appeared in theaters and reintroduced something seemingly impossible these days: an “old-fashioned-moral-and-virtue-centered” courtship in present-day America. The movie is about the courtship between Clay, a man of good virtues, and Amber, a free spirited woman. As one can imagine, viewer reactions varied largely depending on one’s disposition regarding courtship and marriage. It would be safe to say, however, that those who remembered when moral virtues were commonplace during courtship, found it pleasing. On the other hand, many of those belonging to the more recent generations where “dating” replaced “courtship,” found it eye-rolling and unrealistic. This is especially true for those who’ve replaced dating with “hooking-up.”  When asked to describe the movie, don’t be surprised to hear these people use words like “corny” and “out-of-touch.”


Source: http://www.catholic365.com/article/5222/restoring-the-sacred-rite-of-betrothal.html

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