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The John-Henry Westen Show

Published on Aug 13, 2019

Janet Smith, perhaps best known for her work ‘Contraception: Why Not?’ sits down with John-Henry to discuss the root causes of the clerical sex abuse crisis in the Church as well as her ‘disappointment’ with Pope Francis. https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/pr…

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Published on Jun 7, 2019

At this grotto across from Tre Fontane where St. Paul was beheaded, Our Lady appeared to an anticlerical protestant Bruno Cornacchiola in 1947.

Sister Rebecca is the Mother Superior of the missionaries of Revelation. This community, inspired by the message of Our Lady of Revelation, was founded only 20 years ago. Sister Rebecca knew Bruno for a long time, she had met him when she was 24.


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Talk about give you chills!!! Watch till the end! I BELIEVE! I believe The Blessed Mother was talking to Emma Jo & Emma Jo was listening! If you see at the end Emma Jo kneels & bows her head then gets up!!

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Live Broadcast: Lake Ontario is a raging beast in Oswego, NY.

Awesome reporting.

She can be a beast and she can be calm.

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Defend the Church,
Defend your Faith!!!!
BE Courageous and Brave!!!
BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Very prophetic of her and blessed by God.

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Internet tech companies working together to disrupt ability to use internet

Source: YouTube Creates ‘Limbo’ for Controversial Videos

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Social Media is pulling George Orwellian Censorship Tactics against those who fight for life in this country.  This harkens back to the times when fascists and communistic tactics censored in a beautiful countries like Germany and Eastern Countries during the WWII era and the Cold War.


Damning video shows PP execs laughing over ripping apart babies’ bodies

Source: YouTube Removes Investigative Video That Exposes Planned Parenthood

Source:  https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/watch-the-damning-planned-parenthood-video-yanked-by-youtube


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