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Fr. Trevisol praises Matteo Salvini as he reports vandalism in newsletter

Source: ‘Baby Gang’ Migrants Attack Elderly Italian Priest

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Several cases of vandalism in recent month targeting pro-lifers

Source: Pro-Lifers Face Continued Violence, Vandalism

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Gay and transgender status runs counter to desired anti-conservative narrative

Source: Media Drops Coverage of Pro-LGBT Colorado Shooters

NOTE:  No one should seek violence against violence. Its wrong.  When I report these types of stories I do not expect people to take action.  Only discern this information in a peaceful manner and in peaceful, loving action.  On all sides of the political spectrum that is.

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I am a mom of two.  The beautiful girl who made me a mom is almost 6 years old.  That same beautiful girl was conceived in a rape.  As soon as I saw the posi

Source: Before He Assaulted a Pro-Lifer and Before I Became Pregnant By Rape, Jordan Hunt Was My Friend

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Violence in the womb begetting violence against women

Source: Abortion Fueling India Rape Epidemic

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Lyndon B. Johnson:

Source: KKK Democrats and True Racism

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Source: Feminists Claim Responsibility for Bombing Mexican Bishops’ Conference

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BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Funny the people in this picture look like the KKK and sure act it.  After all it was the KKK who don’t care for Catholics.  Funny I though Jesus was the peaceful type when it came to engaging with the enemy?  Little do these people know that Church Militant is peaceful in itself. Sorry MPDN you’ve got it wrong and your barking up the wrong tree.

“Church Militant is open to discussion with anyone, and have indeed made this a hallmark of the work conducted here for a dozen years, but we will not be cowed by lies and thug tactics becoming so commonplace on the Left.

The real bone of contention that MPDN has with Church Militant is not the spurious claims and lies it’s telling, but the positions we take on morality and decency, and Catholicism’s teaching that all life is sacred and needs to be respected and honored.

As creatures made in the image and likeness of God, humans need to understand that our laws, customs and mores need to reflect this truth on every level.

MPDN is anti-religion when that religion promotes theologically grounded teachings like the sacredness of life from its first beginnings to its natural end, and the sanctity of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.”


Theological conference targeted by Antifa allies

Source: PRESS RELEASE: Church Militant Attacked by Leftists

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According to Church Militant’s press release:

Church Militant absolutely condemns and abhors the lies and violence that have become the hallmark of the Antifa movement, which MPDN members associate with on social media. Church Militant is not a hate group; MPDN is the real hate group, trying to intimidate religious organizations into silence and shut down a conference meant to help men become better husbands, fathers, sons and brothers by fostering the virtues of humility, charity and sacrifice.

“Church Militant discourages supporters from organizing a counter-protest. Instead of engaging with Antifa and its allies, we recommend that supporters stay home and pray a Rosary for the success of the Strength and Honor Conference.”


Antifa allies promote violence, hateful rhetoric against Catholics

Source: Leftist Thugs Try to Shut Down Church Militant Men’s Conference

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Conservatives hope for federal intervention in Antifa clashes

Source: Coulter Speech Takes Aim at Leftwing Tyranny

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