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Witnesses to the Faith in blood.

Source: The English Martyrs

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Published on Oct 27, 2016

Benny Hinn the famous Pentecostal Pastor says more miracles happen in Catholic Church during Holy Mass than in any other Pentecostal Church. This is a big witness on the power of the Holy Mass and the beauty of Catholic Church.

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Cdl. Sarah: It’s God or Nothing




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Published on Dec 30, 2014

Former Southern Baptist Rod Bennett used to believe that the Catholic Church was the result of the “Great Apostasy.” However, as he was lead to read the works of the earliest Christians, he realized that the Early Church actually resembled Catholic beliefs and traditions!

(This talk was originally given in 2004 at the CHNetwork’s “Deep in History” conference)

About the Deep in History Talks from the CHNetwork:

The early period of the growth of Christianity (ca. A.D. 50-700) is a rich source for learning how the earliest disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ passed on the “faith delivered once and for all to God’s holy ones” (Jud 3). From Ignatius of Antioch in the early second century to Gregory the Great in the early seventh, the story of the Church’s proclamation in winning over pagan culture to Christ is widely diverse in practice and wonderfully unified in doctrine. The faith of these early Saints inspires and challenges us to live more deeply in love with Christ and in continuity with our forbearers in Christ.

We hope these resources take you deep into the history of Christ’s Church and thereby deeper into Christ. Please visit:

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This quote has been bandied about but is necessary in our times:


Supposedly he said this: -“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

 Edmund Burke is credited as having said it, though he didn’t. What he actually said was, “”when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” is possibly the most double-edged quote ever. More evil has been done in the name of preventing evil than for any other reason throughout history.

My words:

I would like to say to our children who suffer around the world keep true to the faith.  Don’t deliberately provoke your governments or your neighbors who are of a different faith.  Show your witness as best you can in a gently but firm manner with dignity.  The biggest way to testify is to go to your respective churches and to pray in your homes.

Testify only in the end when the Lord has asked you to do so under harsh conditions.  Only in the end when there is nothing left but you and He testifying before the world.  “In the world not of the world.  Go in peace our brothers and sisters.  For now many of us are safe but in the end we all will be asked to testify even in this world.  Live out your days as He has asked of you.

Please may we all have courage in our love of Christ.  Pray He will be with you and all of us always.

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The above is the vision of heaven and hell as seen by Dushan Yovanovich.

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