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Why can’t women be priests? Is it because the Church thinks women are inferior? NO! Watch this video to find out why the Church has a male only priesthood. Skip to 3:02 if you just want to get the gist of it.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Just because the world wants a progressive Priesthood in the Catholic Church doesn’t make it right. In the world ladies not of it. He came to fulfill the law not to change it. That goes for a non-negotiable Priesthood. Sorry fellas take your Progressive ideas which do not savvy with His and go home. Lay people with all due sincerity do yourself a favor and study this. To start with.

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Violence in the womb begetting violence against women

Source: Abortion Fueling India Rape Epidemic

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When forced to choose, they choose life for their unborn child

Source: Women Endure Cancer Over Abortion

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Muslim Women Matter


Source: DePaul Censors Discussion on Muslim Treatment of Women



LINK:  https://w2.vatican.va/content/john-paul-ii/en/letters/1995/documents/hf_jp-ii_let_29061995_women.html

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2017-03-07-RP-a (2)

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  As a women regarding this subject I compare this to fingers nails scraping along a blackboard.  Satan keeps on trying doesn’t he.  What part of Priesthood don’t these women understand?


Source: Dissident Group Pushes for Women’s Ordination in Raleigh, NC

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This Blogger Contradicts The Designer World Of Liberalism.

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  This blogger contradicts the future.  This blogger contradicts the designer world:  THE FUTURE IS NOT MEN AND WOMEN BUT THE FUTURE WILL BE JESUS CHRIST.



Source:  https://www.yahoo.com/style/york-fashion-week-incredibly-political-slideshow-wp-190317999.html

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Christian Coptic Community under Siege




Source: Egypt’s Christians Under Attack

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Reject Istanbul Convention on violence against women because of transgender promotion

Source: Slovakian Bishops Speak Out Against Transgenderism

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University Life


BLOGGER’S NOTE:  With all due respect to my female gender I believe in equality in all form of the work place if one is doing the same as my male counterpart. I am no expert in physiology, biology etc. but since the advent of the computer one has only to research and become well informed in a subject.  This being said one cannot and it has been so proven so far in DNA mapping that one cannot change one’s gender.  Yes, they can mutilate the body and try to make one believe they are a different gender.  Why today we can role play and imagine were also different in sexuality.  To me as my dear Dad use to say your living in a fantasy land.  Made up by our deep dark desires for lust and our deviant nature.  We as a society have become bored with each other and cannot conform to one man one woman as Christ taught. No we have to get greedy and think we can have all of the dark side and the good to without consequences. 

Many of our esteemed Professors believe that Genesis is mythological in nature.  Its not a story but its a very simple but reals story telling us who we really are.  Telling us about our real soul’s desire be it dark or the light.

Our real nature unhampered and misguided is turning into a mythological gigantic proportion beyond our control.  We are becoming a decadent society and we think what we are doing is perfectly normal. 

We are taking a ride on the dark side is what were doing. 

Genesis isn’t mythological.  It, the Great Story of our first parents is actually showing us what they knew back then—-that its a true story.  Inspired by truth.  It tells what are true dark side is capable of.  The confusion and blindness we harbor today in the name of modernity is misdirected and alienated us from our true evolution and nature to God.  The image He alone projected for our salvation in Jesus Christ.

The apple that Eve gave Adam is now playing out in our Universities and if we don’t wake up and smell the coffee we will be living that final “death” from too much knowledge and not enough commonsense.

We have bitten the apple of  dark side of modernity and unnatural law steeped in a bitterness and blindness which we may not recover if we don’t wake up and smell the coffee. 

The new “Eve” is the in the relativism taught in the Universities today and she is trying to convince the new “Adam” that he no longer has to listen to God but the Serpent. 

The Serpent “apes” God.  The new “Adam” and the new “Eve” we have shaped for ourselves in this modernity has a shattered reflection of the dark side of our natures.  We live in the distortions of our minds, souls and hearts.  Not the true light and shiny reflection we have been shown and taught by Christ.

Natures and souls that need to be understood in light of the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

The Way, The Truth and Life.  A truth even Pontius Pilate couldn’t stomach. 

Sound familiar?  It should because the Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics and middle of the roaders in the Universities can’t stomach that same truth today that was given to us over 2000 years ago under the same myths we see repackaged today.  Repackaged in the same story of old—

Shattered truth in that first bite of knowledge.  The knowledge which witnessed death when true life was offered by God the Father.

 Don’t buy into the shattered truth–the spoiled apple.  The package that Old Serpent wants you to buy again.

I’m talking about most of the slop and baloney preached in most Universities today. 

I’m not talking solid truth in Universities today.  I’m talking about the far out foolish nonsense that has no bearing on truth today. 

Search for real truth in your minds, hearts and souls. 

The truth that came from the cross. 

It wasn’t “Adam” that was solely responsible for the problems today.  “Eve” is part of that problem to. 

Its equal, on both sides of the gender aisle.  Don’t let anyone poison your mind with these dark truths today. Your better than that.

Your witnessing distorted truth seeping out of these campuses. Most of us are waking up and finding out there is a dark agenda against civilization.

Its getting distorted and darker by the moment. A mind bender we may never totally recover from in our mutual future. 

A future we cant afford to achieve with truth—real truth.

“DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) – Campus leaders and liberal scholars at multiple universities are taking steps to feminize men, claiming masculinity is toxic and men need to be trained not to be masculine in order to establish true equality.”


A trend across college campuses

Source: Universities Blame Masculinity as Root of All Problems


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Source:  https://www.yahoo.com/gma/donald-trump-says-dont-think-asked-hes-crossed-060548476–abc-news-topstories.html

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